South Africa – 2012 and 2013

I’ve been to South Africa twice on a project lead by Aubrey Zerkle looking for atmospheric signals in ancient rocks.  We spent most of our time in the core shed in Pretoria:


This one is particularly cool as there is over an order of magnitude of Earth history out on the floor. The “grey” rocks are the  ~2.65- 2.50 billion year old Archean rocks that we were studying.  The “red” rocks in the lower right are 250 million year from the Permian.


Here’s the crew, out behind the coreshed, including our amazing postdoc Gareth Izon.


Hey Simon, where’s the ostrich?


We were able to get into the field proper on this trip. Here’s us looking confused trying to find an outcrop of the Duitschland Formation:

Awesome hair

I also was able to channel one of my heroes Jane Goodall, fishing for termites.

SAf 272