Welcome to Richard Boyle

Mark Claire
Monday 6 March 2017

Richard is joining us at SEES on a six month postdoctoral contract, and comes to us most recently from a postdoc with Don Canfield in Denmark. Throughout his career he has worked on a variety of modelling studies, mostly centered on a theme of incorporating biological processes into Earth systems modeling. He has thought extensively about biological roles leading up to, existing during, and resulting from major transitions, such as Snowball Earth and Oceanic Anoxic Events. A sample of his papers are below.

Nitrogen cycle feedbacks as a control on euxinia in the mid-Proterozoic ocean
Stabilization of the coupled oxygen and phosphorus cycles by the evolution of bioturbation
Neoproterozoic ‘snowball Earth’ glaciations and the evolution of altruism

Richard is going to be helping me on some coding projects related to untangling the mystery of multiple sulfur isotopes. Rich is also very interested in philosophy and the way ideas (particularly novel ones) come in to existence, and aims to start a second PhD (!) in philosophy this fall. If you see him the hallway or the pub over the next six months – be sure and say hello – for now, Welcome!

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